dimanche 24 mai 2009

some pictures of Lituanian synagogues & of Skuodas

Here is a website with pictures of the jewish life of skuodas :
and another one with pictures of synagogues :

wooden synagogue of Vilkaviskis

In Vilkaviskis in 1941 lived around 3,500 Jewish men, women and children. Of these 3400 where murdered during the months of July to November 1941. Only 950 have any memorial - 2,450 Jewish men, women and children died and have no known memorial - they died without a trace !

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  1. Hi--I am a Jewish American woman searching for her Litvak roots. The only time I heard much about my Mom's side of the family was when she and her sisters were talking about their sister-in-law who was a Galitzianer and they were Litvocks. I really have not much to go on but I continue my search.