dimanche 5 juillet 2009

two books to read

suganas.mosaique.jpg"Mosaïque" written by Odile Suganas, is the story of the Odile's search for the life of her family in Lituania.

Haunted by the memory of her grand mother, and other names from people who never escaped from Lituania. She has spent a lot of time there, looking for houses, graves, places where her family lived. This book is a beautiful description of her search to honor those who disapeared.

It will be soon translated in english. For those who read french you can buy it here :http://www.librairie-du-progres.com.


The real story of Moishe Rozenbaumas, born in 1922 in Lituania, Moishe grew up in a jewish environment in Lituania, and at the beginning of the war, escaped to russia alone with a bicycle, arrived in a kolkhoze in Ouzbekistan, came back to russia to join the red army, and ..... I really advise this book, to discover the incredible life of a man who survived to the worse and finally ended in France.

You can find this book at www.fnac.com